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Policlinica Madero, is located a few blocks away from the international border, Policlinica Madero has been known, for the past years, as an excellent clinic by the Imperial Valley residents, since we have a system of alliances that allows us to work with international insurance companies. For our international patients who cross the Calexico Border we offer a series of special benefits to assure you have a great experience during your visit.


With the escalating pandemic, our medical offices are very attentive to the widespread outbreak of COVID-19 and are proactively taking steps to safely manage patients while protecting clinical staff. In GRUPO MADERO we have the security resources to take care of you and give you a state-of-the art service. Our medical team is committed on protecting the life of our patients by being with them in these moments of uncertainty and by taking decisions on time that make a difference.




In our Madero x-ray imaging, we have equipment of the highest quality to assure we offer you an excellent x-ray and with this a reliable and effective interpretation.

Madero pharmacy offers the widest assortment of medications to satisfy our patient's needs. Offering health and wellness.

At the Madero laboratory we search for excellency in our clinical and bacteriology studies using the highest quality and reliable equipment.

We offer shuttle service from the border to the clinic and viceversa.

Open 24 hours and the 7 days of the week.

We attend your medical consultation directly via WhatsApp.

Come visit our clinic and the medical specialities it offers.

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Come visit our new healthy cafeteria with our handmade products.


Ave. Madero #683
between Bravo and México

Parking by Calle Colon


Open 24 hours and the 7 days of the week.

Taxi service from the border line to the clinic and vice versa.

Delivery of Medical Line Passes to USA Patients.