At Policlinica Madero & Especialidades Madero we are committed to save the lives of our patients by going that extra mile as doctors and as an Institution.

We firmly believe that only working as a team we could win the fight this worldwide pandemic, all of our team at Madero Group has been trained and have the security equipment to give you customer service and be by your side.



Following our commitment as health provider with human warmth and quality we have taken all the extra security measures to reduce the risk to exposure of our patients and personnel.

Like always we stick to the rules that the WHO and official health institutions have assigned for Mexico and the rest of the world.

All of the services we offer at Policlinica Madero are working as usual the 24 hours a day the 7 days of the week.


As a worldwide rule, the patients with more risk of exposure and risk of acquirement and complications are the diabetic patients, high blood pressure patients , obese patients and with other chronic degenerative diseases.

For this reason we considered the need of offering telephone orientation to resolve any doubt and follow- up; these type of patients will have the opportunity to pick up their monthly control medications in their cars, thus to decrease the risk of exposure and that they can continue talking their control medication as usual.

Regarding the patients who are currently ill of a respiratory disease with a high suspicion of COVID-19 or similar symptoms, they will be receiving their office visit in our mobile clinic located in the parking lot of our Madero specialities building beside our Policlinica Madero Building, where they will receive all of our normal services until we have a precise diagnosis and timely attention. Our main goal is to reduce the risk of complications with their current illness offering them:

  • Epidemiology services.
  • Office Visit.
  • Diagnostic testing for COVID-19 through the PCR test.
  • Test for seasonal influenza and for AH1N1
  • Chest X-RAY.
  • We shall be also giving out their medication.

For the symptoms since until this moment there is no specific treatment for this virus, and we will continue with the follow up of these patients as well.



Ave. Madero #683
between Bravo and México

Parking by Calle Colon


Open 24 hours and the 7 days of the week.

Taxi service from the border line to the clinic and vice versa.

Delivery of Medical Line Passes to USA Patients.