Offering over 30 years of experience

"A little over 30 years ago we had a vision on integrating profesionalism, pasion for our service, human warmth and individual attention with the goal of offering, in the same place, up to date medical solutions."


The result of this vision is on the satisfaction face of our everyday patients.

Policlinica Madero was born as a quality option in medical services for a reasonable price, always thinking in our patients wellness we offer optimal facilities were our staff can work one of the most repectable profession: taking care of the health and life of the rest.

And it is with this vision of always taking care of the life, how are work philosophy is based, taking care of each detail of our patients so they can find in Policlinica Madero more than just a medical staff, a family that looks out for your health.

"The medical tecnology moves very fast. We know that the best way to get positive results to prevent and treat diseases is to invest in tecnology so we can offer the same quality as the best hospitals in the region and assure a quality medical visit in both the valleys."

Strategically located in Mexicali

Policlinica Madero, is located a few blocks away from the international border, Policlinica Madero has been known, for the past years, as an excellent clinic by the Imperial Valley residents, since we have a system of alliances that allows us to work with international insurance companies. For our international patients who cross the Calexico Border we offer a series of special benefits to assure you have a great experience during your visit. Our shuttle service offers transportation from the border to the clinic and viceversa to offer the best acommodations; or if needed we also offer the medical passes for the excluse Medical Lane.

“Once our patients arrive to our facilities we do our best effort to take care of your health.”

Our facilities

Have office visits were our medical staff evaluates each case at detail; we complement our office visit with spaces destinated to our up to date x-ray machine, mammogram, 3D and 4D ultrasound, clinical laboratory and our patology specialties. We also offer in our facilities a pharmacy with a wide range of medicine to supply your prescriptions at a very good price. Our clinic offers extended business hours during the 24 hours of the day for scheduled iffice vists and also for emergencies, we also, have our pharmacy open to the public 24 hours a day the 7 days of the week.


Ave. Madero #683
between Bravo and México

Parking by Calle Colon


Open 24 hours and the 7 days of the week.

Taxi service from the border line to the clinic and vice versa.

Delivery of Medical Line Passes to USA Patients.